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December 6, 2021: Golden State Report

How to Create Generational Wealth
Today Mike and David talk about how to be an educated buyer or seller in this market and how to prepare the next generation for creating wealth.

Mike talks to listeners about mistakes that sellers make and how to increase the amount of money offered for your home. He talks about what it means to be an educated buyer and why sellers need to be fair with their pricing.

David talks about generational wealth planning and preparing the next generation to receive assets. He tells listeners how they can maintain wealth across generations and why creating individual plans for inheritance are important. He ends the show talking about estate planning and how he helps clients create tailored financial plans.


November 10, 2021: Golden State Report

October 27, 2021: It Really Is Who You Know
This weeks’ show has two special guests, Matthew Scott from the Law Office of Mathew D. Scott and Michael McCabe who specializes in Medi-Cal Qualifying for long-term care. They join Mike, Amy, and David for a discussion on how hiring the right people is a financial asset. They talk about how that decision can bring you connections, legal help, and someone who will go the extra mile for you.

Mike starts off the show talking about the housing market, bidding wars, and buyer’s fatigue. He gives us some tips on what determines the price of the home, market trends, and property taxes. He also talks to the listeners about the pros and cons of hiring an internet lender vs a local lender.

Amy talks about the importance of hiring a loan officer and a realtor who are well known in the area. This can give you connections to other agencies and help the loan go smoothly.

Matthew Scott and Michael McCabe talk about repositioning assets, placing assets into protected entities and irrevocable trusts. They also talked about how they can help clients qualify for Medi-Cal long-term facilities even if they have a home, or other assets.

David talks to the listeners about their personal assets and if it really costs to have a local lender. He also talks taxes and what individuals, or business owners can do early in the year to minimize taxes. He breaks down benefit, retirement plans and financial tools that can be used to maximize the money in your pocket.


October 13, 2021: Golden State Report

September 29, 2021: How to Become Financially Independent
On today’s show, join Mike, Amy, and David as they talk about the housing market and retirement planning.

Mike opens the segment talking about buyers’ fatigue and current events with the housing market. He urges his sellers to put their best foot forward and remember that first impressions are still important, because they affect the offers on your home.

Amy gives listeners a sense of hope when she talks about interest rates on loans and what that means for home buyers. She also touches on appraisal contingencies and the security that this may offer a buyer.

David talks to the listeners about how they can gain financial Independence especially moving toward retirement. He goes over retirement distribution planning and how you can ask yourself if you are financially able or mentally ready to retire.


September 15, 2021: How to become an Accredited Investor

This week Mike, Amy and David return to discuss the housing market and how you can benefit from owning a home.

Mike passionately expresses why a seller should price fairly and honestly and allow competition to drive the value of the home. Buyers gets caught in a bidding war, they think they love the house and over bid, but in reality, they love their money more.

Amy talks to the listeners about reverse mortgages and how they can lower your interest rate and increase your line of credit or even give you monthly income. She then explains what criteria are needed to be a candidate for this refinancing option. As a bonus this option is backed by the Federal Housing Administration, so you won’t be forced to give up your home.

David explains what it means to become an accredited investor using your net worth, Income, or real estate assets. In addition, he talks about how 1031 exchanges are another option that allow you to defer capital gains taxes by purchasing a property of similar value.


July 7, 2021: What’s on Your Spending Plan?

On today’s show we have a special guest, Renne Inman. She shares insightful information of the California fair plan. Mike talk about the average amount of days that houses are staying on the market. David talks about the importance of a spending plan and why you should understand your cash flow.


June 15, 2021: What is a personal CFO? And How Would It Benefit You From Having One?

Mike talks about how buyers are frustrated with the sellers’ market and how some have taken a break from searching. David asks Mike about what a good realtor looks like and what things you should look for when searching for a long-term realtor. Mike introduces David’s book, ‘The Power of a Plan’ and they discuss who will benefit from a personal CFO.


June 9, 2021: Let’s Talk Business

Mike talks about the value of remodeling, and how refinancing can help increase the value of your home. Amy introduces a new home renovation that helps people worldwide upgrade their home space. David touches on the importance of owning a business and when an owner should exit their business.


May 24, 2021: Daddy 401k


Join David and Mike while they discuss how to choose the best offer in a hot sellers’ market. David dives into generational wealth planning through the daddy 401k plan. Special guest Renee Inman from Beach & O’Neill Insurance Associates.


May 12, 2021: Is the IRA One of Your Beneficiaries?

Matthew Scott joins Mike, David, and Amy this week to discuss the hybrid work environment, record low interest rate, identifying theft and the importance of leaving a legacy.


April 22, 2021: Are Prices Coming Down in Today’s Real Estate Market?

Join Mike, David, and Amy's discussion about today's Real Estate market in the Sacramento Valley area. Along with Tax strategies for the Long Form Crowd.

April 14, 2021: Golden State Report

March 31, 2021: Golden State Report

March 17, 2021: Golden State Report

March 4, 2021: Golden State Report

February 17th 2021: Finding Your Real Estate Dream Team for a Faster Sell

This week Mike, David and Amy are joined by insurance specialist Renee Inman and discuss the value of working with a broker for your rural insurance. Depending on where you live, rural insurance could be vital to you in California’s changing climate.

When choosing an agent to represent your home, consider who they work with as options for lending or insurance. Mike and Amy detail the importance of hiring a real estate agent with a good team behind them. When there is a demonstrated history between your lending broker and agent, it can improve your home buying or selling experience.

David discusses the two types of debt and the importance a spending plan is in meeting your financial goals. If buying or selling a home is in your future, this is not an episode to miss!

February 3rd, 2021: How Biden’s Administration Could Affect the Real Estate Market

Mike, Amy and David discuss how the new administration will affect the real estate market, and the difficulties appraisers are now facing when valuing your home.

Appraisers are having a difficult time finding homes with comparable conditions, which could affect your value. Mike explains how the lack of homes could jeopardize your value because of the speed at which the market is changing.

Amy discusses how the new administration plans to reform lending in the coming years; leading to lower premiums but with higher upfront costs.

David dives into his book The Power of a Plan, and the process that went into creating his financial planning guide.

January 20th, 2021: Value in the Rural Market and Planning for your Business’s Future

This week Mike and David ring in the new year by discussing what the real estate market is doing in rural Sacramento and David discusses the importance of Exit Planning to secure the future of your business.

Working from home has caused a boom in the real estate market in the Sacramento Valley. But how can changing the staging affect your home value? Mike emphasizes the importance staging can play in how a home presents to buyers.

David discusses the 8 D’s of business planning—the key in creating a solid future for your company. Parting ways whether by retirement or career transition is natural; but without a plan in place your business could be in jeopardy.

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