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Business Owner Planning

Our area of expertise revolves around assisting accomplished business proprietors in establishing financial equilibrium and a sense of purpose, all of which is driven by their own envisioned future. The realm of business owner planning markedly differs from conventional personal financial planning, unveiling an entirely new spectrum of financial opportunities for effecting transformative change that can help propel both the business, the owner, and their family toward higher levels of prosperity.

Our focus extends from crafting indispensable partnership agreements and designing enticing golden handcuff contracts to managing the intricate transfer of assets to family members who are not directly involved in the enterprise. We specialize in tailoring plans to address the distinctive planning challenges that confront every business owner at various stages of their business development journey.

Our ultimate objective is to streamline the business owner planning process to its core, enabling business owners who collaborate with us to concentrate on what they excel at – making judicious and well-suited decisions that advance their enterprise and improve their financial standing.

Our services in this area include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Exit Readiness
  • Owner Dependency Index
  • Solvency Analysis: Where the business is today
  • Business Partner Assessment and Goals
  • Buy or Sell Analysis
  • Business Continuation Planning
  • Key Player Contingencies
  • Personal Economic Impact Assessment
  • Family Business Viability Plans