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The Power of a Plan: Introduction

The Power of a Plan made its New York Times Square debut in October 2016.


This book is dedicated to Ted Santon and Nick Horn, retired regional CEOs with Lincoln Financial Advisors, who took a chance on a young, eager MBA graduate from Northern California in 1992. Their dedication to Lincoln's “Serve First” philosophy and commitment to the comprehensive financial-planning process continues to provide a North Star to me as a financial professional as my staff and I strive to provide five-star service to my clients so they will be able to experience the Power of a Plan.

Author's Note

The privacy of my clients and of other families dealing with the personal issues discussed in this book are of the utmost importance to me. For this reason, names and some other identifying details of several people whose stories are contained in these pages have been changed to protect their identity. In addition, the examples provided for this book are specific to those individuals and families and may not necessarily represent the experiences of all clients.

Table of Contents



Honest Abe and the Power of a Plan

Chapter 1:
The Personal CFO: What You Should Expect from a Certified Financial Planner™

Chapter 2:
The Basics of Cash Management

Chapter 3:
Managing Risk and Insurance Strategies

Chapter 4:
Are You Sailing or Rowing or Both?

Chapter 5:
Real Estate and Reluctant Landlords

Chapter 6:
A New Way of Making Retirement More Rewarding

Chapter 7:
Tax Strategies for the Long-Form Crowd

Chapter 8:
Plans You’ll Never See the End Of

Chapter 9:
Generational Wealth Planning

Chapter 10:
Let’s Talk Business

Worry Less, Dream More

Appendix A:
What Is an “Accredited Investor”?

Appendix B:
The Serve First Philosophy

Appendix C:
The Creed

Appendix D:

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