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The Power of a Plan: Introduction

The Power of a Plan is a fantastic read! Brief enough to consume and understand at every level of user, yet deep enough to cover the many aspects of what is involved in a good plan. David is passionate about his craft, you can tell, and that is what everyone wants in their financial advisor; someone who truly cares. So much so that he took the time to write a book on his most passionate subject – helping clients with planning!

Every person needs The Power of a Plan, and David Stone delivers it as well as anyone. Kudos David, thanks for keeping our profession so professional!

Sean Hanlon CFP®, Chairman, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Hanlon Investment Management and Vestbridge Advisors

I enjoy learning about finance and preparing for my future, so I thought I would read a couple chapters. I ended up reading the whole book in 3 days. The writing is very conversational in style which makes it easy and enjoyable to read. From this book, I now understand how many things I could be doing now, that I am not doing to insure my comfortable retirement. I now have a completely different outlook on my financial life. Great value and very inspiring; totally worth purchasing!

— Amazon Customer Review

David did a fantastic job of taking a difficult idea and breaking it down into easy to understand chapters. Thank you very much for writing this!

— Amazon Customer Review

While I only have an elementary knowledge of financial planning, the progression of information over the first few chapters really introduced the concept in a way I could understand. You learn about this author as you learn about the topic, which kept it interesting and relatable. What caught me the most were all of the real-life "case studies" and how he applied his concept to different situations. I think this book is impactful with a strong call to action.

— Amazon Customer Review

In The Power of a Plan, David Stone presents an interesting and informative overview of the many elements embodied in comprehensive financial plan. A Certified Financial Planner™ professional with over twenty years’ experience, David describes real-life events and the benefits when proper planning was in place, as well as the consequences when it wasn’t. Whether you’re just starting out or have already accumulated substantial wealth, The Power of a Plan will help you understand the benefit of having your own “Personal CFO.”

— Richard P. Rojeck, CFP®, Former chairman of the CFP® Board of Standards**

I hope you will find this book helpful as you try to figure out how best to build and protect your personal wealth. One thing is for sure, David Stone truly believes in the Power of a Plan. As a man of integrity, loyalty, and professionalism, he has also helped us see the value in the Power of a Plan as well. Hopefully you will take advantage of the concepts in this book to help you get your financial house in order. Enjoy!

— Kirk M. Feller, President & CEO, BGZbrands***

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*** Mr. Feller is a financial planning client of David Stone and LFA.